Frequently Asked Questions

Could I see a physician or medical doctor of my choice?
Initially, you may need to be seen by a physician who is working as part of our project. If further medical care is needed, you are issued an anonymous health insurance certificate. Although budget limitations apply, a wide variety of ambulatory primary and specialist care is covered. You can approach a physician of your choice with the insurance certificate in Thuringia. If in doubt, please drop by or contact us.

Do I have to pay for prescription drugs that you prescribe?
No, prescription drugs are covered free of charge.

Are dental procedures covered?
Yes, within limits. Some dental procedures may not be covered.

Do I always have to come to Jena to get treatment?
Not necessarily. We try our best to provide medical care that is convenient for you with a physician of our project in each district of Thuringia.

How do you ensure my anonymity?
We do not ask for any identification papers. We do not ask you for your real name. We provide health care to all our patients using pseudonyms. Only the physicians may ask you for your name, but by law they are not allowed to tell anybody else about you in person and your treatment, unless you allow them to do so. On the papers you get from our physicians is only your pseudonym. The only exception is the medical prescription for pharmaceuticals, but you get this paper back from the pharmacist after you got your medication.

I need your help but do not speak German well. What do you do in such cases?
Our staff speak many languages themselves. If needed, we try our best to arrange an interpreter for you – and of course, this is free of charge and the interpreters are under the obligation of secrecy as well.